About Us

MYKSR "Cafe Racer" Riding September Garage and Online Shop is a KL-based custom KSR garage founded by Wan Kedah, "Tuan Doc",  Udafumi and other MYKSR members. 

Together, we conceive, customise and hand finish KSR motorcycles to create unique, one-of-a-kind Mini Cafe Racer machines. Our love of old school design is no secret, so every project we undertake honours a legend while telling it's own story. 

This is the right place for those who are looking to transform their KSR to become a mean machine Cafe Racer mini bike...

We customized all of our KSR and we can get all the parts for you.

Your KSR will also be customized according to your own specifications and needs.

Thank you and keep on riding...
we ride....

-wan kedah